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10 Amp Circuit Breaker with Spike Protection

by Dallee
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Dallee Circuit Breakers with built-in spike protection combine overload protection and high voltage removal in a single unit. When a train is running down the track, the motors and intermittent wheel contact produce high voltages for short periods of time, called spikes. These spikes can cause serious damage to electronics and can interfere with their operation. Ensure your electronics stay safe from damage by installing a Dallee Circuit Breaker with Spike Protection. These are designed for Model Railroad or other low voltage application with a maximum input of 24 volts AC or DC.

  • Circuit Breaker Overload Protection
  • Visible Red Ring when Breaker Blows
  • Spike Suppression Removes Dangerous High Voltage Spikes
  • Keeps Electronics Safe from Harmful Spikes and Short Circuits
  • Compatible with AC, DC, and DCC systems
  • accept 26 - 14 awg stranded wire